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Maximising Your Business for Breakfast Membership

Maximise your opportunities and investment in referral marketing by developing the core skills you need to get the most out of referral marketing.        

Motiv8 Development's BforB member training provides members with the opportunity to gain and practice the core skills and techniques that have been proven to maximise the results achieved through BforB membership and referral marketing.

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What previous attendees have said

  • "Carolyn and Andy were fantastic, supportive and approachable. As my membership depends on other peoples memberships what was taught in the room helps my business so thank you guys. If you couldn't make it this time I highly recommend your attendance at the next one :)"
    Kate Hazeldine, Yellow Circle Web Solutions

  • "Do you know what? I actually left the Moathouse at 10pm feeling invigorated. Now how many evening business events of any kind can you say that about? The great interaction between members really made it worthwhile for me. Well done Carolyn and Andy, Staffordshire's premier learning and development people!"
    Graham Doyle, D2NA

  • "Wonderful training received tonight, interactive, thought provoking, interesting and perfect for someone like myself. I highly recommend and truly rate Carolyn's delivery style. In summary, a positive evening."
    Kerri-Ann Hargreaves, QUI Recruitment

Who it’s designed for

  • New BforB members
  • Experienced BforB members who wish to refresh their knowledge of how to get the most out of their membership and referral marketing
  • All BforB members who wish to network with members from other groups and grow their contacts.

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What delegates will be able to do after the training; 

  • Understand the difference between leads & referrals
  • Understand the key factors that will make referral marketing work for you
  • Understand how referral marketing differs from other sales channelsBforB Ted
  • Understand how to develop Know, Like & Trust with your fellow BforB members
  • Understand how to make yourself referrable
  • Understand the etiquette of a BforB meeting
  • Understand the roles of the Exec Teams and members in a BforB Group
  • Develop an effective 60 secs elevator pitch
  • Develop effective spotlight presentations
  • Get the most out of 1-2-1 meetings with fellow BforB members and guests
  • Understand how to invite and look after guests to a BforB meeting.

When, Where and How Much

Wednesday 13th June
Britannia Stadium
Stanley Matthews Way

Telephone: 01782 367598

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  • Please arrive for 17:15 to join us for tea/coffee and networking

  • The training will start promptly 17:30
  • The training will finish at 20.30
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided during the session.   
  • Tickets cost £30 inc VAT per person
  • A donation of £1 per ticket bought will be made to "Young Enterprise"

Call Motiv8 Development on 01782 461223 or click here to contact us

BforB TedThe last word from us... 

We limit the number of places in order to maximise the learning experience.

Call Motiv8 Development on 01782 461223 or click here to contact us