Assertiveness Skills


If you lay yourself out like a doormat, people will walk all over you!

Walked on


 Being Assertive with others will help you get what you want
in a non-hostile way and without infringing on the rights of others.

Assertiveness is a learnt behaviour that many people don’t find easy and can be mistaken for pushiness or even aggressiveness. However, these very different communication techniques can often lead to vastly different outcomes and impact others in negative ways.

The Motiv8 Development one day Assertiveness course will give you the skills you need to;

  • build your self esteem
  • gain greater respect from others
  • improve your confidence
  • negotiate more effectively
  • handle conflict proactively
  • communicate successfully


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What our clients say

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the day. I sat back and realised a few things about myself which I will learn from."
  • “Very worthwhile and thought provoking, I will take the experience with me moving forward. Also very enjoyable day.”
  • “An enjoyable course which made you re think how to communicate in the work place.”

 Who it’s designed for

  • Anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they feel intimidated, unable to speak up or when they do, they feel that they are not listened to
  • Anyone who always seems to be saying yes, when they really mean to say no
  • Anyone who needs to develop more assertive behaviour when dealing with a variety of challenging and difficult situations or people
  • Anyone who feels that they gain but in short term but not long term commitment from their team, clients or colleagues

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What delegates will be able to do after the course;
  • Describe what is meant by ‘assertive behaviour’
  • Identify the differences between assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviours
  • Describe the benefits of behaving in a more assertive way
  • Make use of effective techniques for behaving more assertively when dealing with others
  • Learn more about your own preferred behaviours and the impact of ego states
  • Describe useful strategies for dealing with difficult situations
  • Make requests positively and confidently
  • Say “no” with confidence, without feeling guilty and being seen as negative

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When, Where and How Much? 
  • 17th April, 2012
  • Britannia Stadium, Stoke on Trent    9.30 – 4.30        
  • £150 exc VAT
  • Places are limited so Book now >>

The last word from us...

We limit the number of places in order to maximise the learning experience.

For alternative payment methods and for more information call 01782 461223 or email