Communication Skills

Client: College Students

The Picture Before

  • Minimum level of interest
  • Minimum communication across the group of students
  • Minimum understanding of how to communicate to others who are different from themselves
  • Minimum understanding on how to influence others effectively


  • All students to understand their own personality and the impact of this on others
  • Recognise differences in others and adapt their own style to gain better relationships
  • Work with different students across the group

The Service Motiv8 Provided

  • Developed initial 1 ½ hour session covering key areas such as personality preference, understanding of different personalities, basic steps on how to influence others
  • All delegates participated completed a personality questionnaire and these were explained using highly interactive activities
  • All the delegates were encouraged to participate and provide real life situations to discuss and review in the group
  • Basic influencing strategies were explained and discussed again using real life examples
  • Following this session key personal actions  were agreed for each student to practise after the session


  • Programme was scoped out after meeting the programme organsier to really understand the key issues and to follow on from other session which had been delivered to the students. 
  • Quickly built strong relationship with all of the delegates increasing openness and honesty throughout the session
  • Achieved all the agreed outcomes by the end of the session
  • All attending delegates started to develop better relationships with each other
  • All delegates were more committed, involved and actively looking for ways to improve themselves going forward

What The Client Said

All the students made various comments after the session such as;

What do you think went well?

  • I learnt who I am and why I do things the way I do, everything went well, everyone contributed.
  • Everything, it was great and really useful, whilst being fun.
  • All of it. Very supportive and got to the point very well.
  • Lots of interaction, everyone was working in groups, more of a team
  • All of it was interesting and well thought out, everyone seems to enjoy it.
  • Best lecture yet!  Carolyn involved us all as a group and we had good group discussions which no other lecturer has managed to get (as some people don’t usually contribute)
  • I thought this guru lecture helped me to understand about myself and how to make the most of my personality.
  • Fun and very interesting.  I like this type of thing as I am into holistic therapies!
  • It didn’t feel like the session dragged on there was a lot more movement within the class.

How could it have been better?

  • Couldn’t of been better
  • Nothing
  • Not much could have been changed to make it better
  • Nothing it was good
  • Longer, for the first time lecture has flown by, nobody lost interest.
  • I think the guru lecture was super, no improvements needed.  

Additional comments

  • I am grateful of the sheets as I can recap anytime I want.
  • Very good session, would like more on this sort of stuff, will help when approaching new business.
  • Lots of information.
  • I’ve learnt a lot, really feel this lecture was useful.  Thank you Carolyn.
  • I would recommend Carolyn.
  • It was fun, interesting, never lost interest