Leaders for the Future

Client: Charity

The Picture Before

There were high levels of conflict amongst team leaders which led to inconsistency of productivity across 24/7 shifts. Poor communication between team leaders and their reports - as well as with the senior management team – resulted in low staff morale and a negative impact on outputs.



  • Reduce absences to average norms (below 5%)
  • Agree and implement a communications strategy across shifts and with the senior management team
  • Increase productivity to reduce “dropped calls” to below 2%
  • Agree and implement shift handover systems
  • Create project teams to address specific issues regarding working across shifts
  • Manage absence and performance effectively and fairly with agreed processes for monitoring across shifts by different team leader


The Service Motiv8 Provided

  • Developed 9 month programme covering key areas including; effective communications, personal preferences, performance mgt, team working, handling conflict, priority management, problem solving and decision making
  • One to one coaching was made available in between the monthly sessions
  • All delegates had to complete actions in between each session to demonstrate learning as well as ROI
  • Monthly updates with senior management team as to progress made
  • Highly interactive sessions using variety of methods including; psychometrics, one to one feedback from the trainer and each other, role plays involving actors, real case studies and situations, regular reviews and action planning
  • Final presentations to demonstrate return on investment to the senior management team


  • Built strong relationship with both the delegates and the senior management team increasing openness and honesty throughout the programme
  • The organisation achieved all the agreed outcomes by the end of the programme
  • All attending delegates developed better relationships with each other and the senior management team
  • All delegates were more committed, involved and actively looking for ways to improve the business in a structured and objective way
  • Absences were reduced to below 3%
  • All programme goals were achieved and some exceeded
  • Motiv8 Development were invited to deliver further learning and development programmes

What The Client Said

“Carolyn is an extremely experienced management development trainer with a wealth of diverse management experience obtained from a range of Blue Chip companies. Never resting on her laurels, she stays ahead of the competition by ensuring she is at the forefront of current management development thinking. 

“Carolyn is equally at home delivering to senior executives or clerical staff at any grade, maintaining excellent delivery at all times. You cannot fail to be impressed by Carolyn's professionalism, knowledge, skills and personality. When Carolyn delivers training you know you are getting value for money and you can rest assured that she will have the business interests at heart at all times she is working with you.”