Confidence at Work

Get it, feel it, keep it!



Confidence is a journey; it is not set of quick fixes but a continuous state of mind. 

By utilising and learning different tools and skills you can significantly improve your confidence in different situations. 

Are there some situations where you need to improve your confidence or is it you are undertaking a new or changing role and feel uncomfortable?

This workshop enables delegates to become more confident so they can have more impact, influence and belief in their own ability to deal with different challenges in the workplace.





Who It’s Designed For

Staff at all levels who;

  • are undergoing significant change in the workplace and who need support to rise to the challenge of new roles by improving their confidence
  • feel they would benefit from a boost of extra confidence in specific situations. 


Learning and Development Objectives

  • Undertake own individual audit of confidence – where are you now?
  • Understand what confidence is and looks like, how does it feel for you?
  • Identify who you are now and what you want for the future?
  • Confidence role models – how can they help, who are they for you?
  • Personal branding and how this improves confidence in work
  • Preferences and style – what is your leadership or management style?
  • Utilising the four quadrants for change to improve confidence
  • Influencing for confidence at work
  • Understand the importance of networking for confidence
  • Understand how to be a confident leader
  • Action Planning for the future


Overview of Confidence at Work

This is a one day course including comfort and lunch break and covers;

  • What is confidence?
  • Self Esteem Checklist
  • Who are you anyway?
  • Branding for confidence
  • Influence for confidence
  • Being a confident manager or leader