Development Centres


The Development Centre provides an independent, objectively assessed event based on work performance criteria, where individuals are encouraged to diagnose their own development needs by participating in a series of exercises, ability tests and psychometric assessments, supported by feedback from trained observers and assessors.

Although it can be seen as a challenging experience, the purpose is always to help managers maximise their strengths, minimise their weaknesses and identify hidden potential.

Who It’s Designed For

Development Centres are designed for all levels of staff in all businesses that either have, or wish to have, a development plan in any of the following areas;

  • Career development

  • Graduate development

  • Management development

  • Succession planning, ongoing development

Learning and Development Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to;

  • Match your existing employees' knowledge and skills to the changing needs of your customers and your business
  • Identify individual strengths and development needs in relation to key competencies
  • Encourage individuals to reflect on their own specific development needs
  • Demonstrate commitment to development of staff whilst keeping a clear focus on behaviours, knowledge and skills required by the organisation

Key Benefits

  • Development centre outputs should complement and support other continuous development activities, e.g. outputs from regular one to ones, performance reviews, career development discussions etc.
  • Development centres are a cost-effective solution to identifying development requirements for both the individual and the organisation
  • Raise your game and that of your employees
  • The outputs confirm that there is the best possible match between the needs and values of your organisation and those of your people
  • Development centres should be part of a continuous learning and development culture

Overview of Development Centre

This is a one day session including comfort and lunch breaks

We offer a range of flexible tools and services, including recognised - industry standard - psychometric questionnaires and ability tests which complement our exercises and give a rounded picture of the individual.

Development Centres can include:

  • In-tray exercises, simulations, business scenarios
  • Written reports
  • One to one role play
  • Group/team exercises
  • Psychometric ability tests and personality questionnaires
  • Development feedback throughout the event
  • Workplace Coaching

Individuals attending the development centre are observed by trained assessors who normally have no prior knowledge of them. This ensures feedback relating to their performance, observed behaviours and interactions are objective and measured against the agreed competence criteria.



Assessment Centre Experience

The Motiv8 Assessment Centre Experience course is a one day learning and development experience that will help you gain an understanding of the content and workings of recruitment assessment centres. This will help you prepare for these events ensuring that you are in a position to maximise future opportunities.

Overview of an Assessment Centre

An Assessment Centre is an approach to assessing candidates. It is based on using a number of assessment tools and activities, usually including such things as work-sample tests, group discussions and simulations, in which candidate performance is observed and rated by a team of assessors.

Some companies run a series of extended selection procedures, called assessment centres, each lasting one or two days or sometimes longer. Usually, these are after the first round of interviews and before the final selection, but they may also be used as an initial selection process. They are commonly held either on employers’ premises or in a hotel and are considered by many organisations to be the most objective and accurate method of selection. This is because a number of different assessors get to see you over a longer period of time and have the chance to see what you can do, rather than what you say you can do, in a variety of situations.

Learning and Development Objectives

At the end of this course participants will have;

  • An overview of assessment centre content
  • Increased self awareness, including how communicate with others, own impact on others, how to “read” others
  • Experience of a group exercise with resulting feedback offered
  • Knowledge on how to give and receive feedback
  • Experience of verbal and numerical reasoning assessments with explanations
  • Presentation tips and techniques