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Assertive 1 - Lady

Assertiveness is a learnt behaviour that many people do not find easy.

This course will give you the skills you need to build your self esteem, improve your confidence and communicate more effectively and assertively. 

Who It’s Designed For

Anyone who;

  • finds themselves in situations where they feel intimidated, unable to speak up or when they do, they feel that they are not listened to
  • always seems to be saying yes, when they really mean to say no
  • needs to develop more assertive behaviour when dealing with a variety of challenging and difficult situations or people.


Learning and Development Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to;

  • Describe what is meant by ‘assertive behaviour’.
  • Identify the differences between assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviours.
  • Describe the benefits of behaving in a more assertive way.
  • Make use of effective techniques for behaving more assertively when dealing with others.
  • Learn more about their own preferred behaviours and the impact that ego states can have.
  • Describe useful strategies for dealing with difficult situations.


Overview of Assertiveness

This is a one day course including comfort and lunch breaks

  • Defining assertiveness
  • The importance of being assertive
  • How assertive are you?
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Dealing with agressive behaviour
  • Saying ‘no’ with confidence and without feeling guilty and being seen as negative
  • Dealing with negative feelings, defensive behaviour and difficult situations
  • Making requests positively and confidently