Powerhouse Manager


Management Skills


‘53% of staff don’t think their manager
does a very good job’  

 Figures taken from ILM Edge Sept 2011



Powerhouse Manager ensures that aspiring and current managers have a range of management tools that can be used in the workplace to maximise productivity within their teams.



What our clients say

  • “Brilliant, well designed course that was delivered excellently by Carolyn - she allowed us time to formulate our own ideas and perhaps go off on a tangent occasionally whilst still making sure the course was followed and learning points were made. I will definitely implement strategies and ideas that have come from the course.”
  • "The best course on management I’ve been to! Really good input, good examples and good balance between theory and practice."
  • "One member of staff whose line manager came on their first Management Development course said ‘their line manager was a changed person’ – and all for the good!" 
  • “I found the course very useful and thought provoking. I will be bringing ideas and working practices back to engage with staff and move the business forward!”
  • The average delegate rating is currently 9.4 out of 10 and everyone would recommend the Powerhouse Manager course

Who It’s Designed For

  • Aspiring and first line managers with less than 12 months experience
  • Experienced managers who wish to refresh their skills

Powerhouse Manager provides a foundation of effective leadership and management skills which can be transferred immediately into the workplace.

Coaching is also introduced to participants to enable them to coach their reports to become more productive and confident.


Learning and Development Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to;

  • Describe what leadership and management mean
  • Understand different leadership styles
  • Describe the skills and attributes of a good leader
  • Understand the impact the leader can have on motivation and therefore performance
  • Describe a coaching model
  • Be able to deliver and receive feedback
  • Reflect on their own role as a leader and recognise areas for development

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Overview of Powerhouse Manager

This is a two day course including comfort and lunch breaks

  • Roles and responsibilities of a manager
  • Personal awareness of own personality types and preferences
  • Leadership Styles - Action Centered Leadership, Transactional and Transformational leadership styles
  • Motivation - Hertzberg & Maslow
  • Delegation
  • Planning & Organising including prioritisation
  • Managing Performance - poor & star performers
  • Feedback
  • Teambuilding – Belbin’s team roles
  • Coaching including the GROW model
  • Assessment