Operational Management

Operational Management helps managers fully understand the differences between leadership and management and the ensuing styles, enabling them to choose the most appropriate style(s) for specific situations and individuals.

Operational Management ensures managers recognise that managing people requires management of emotions and enables them to deal effectively with people problems, conflict and also to help develop collaborative working relationships.

Operational Management introduces the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI).


Who It’s Designed For

Operational Management is designed to support second line and senior managers and provides participants with tools that will allow them to effectively manage their team of managers, creating a high performing team in the process.

Key Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to;

  • State what drives people to achieve
  • Explain the difference between management and leadership
  • State the 5 key elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Explain techniques for developing their own EI
  • Prepare a plan to develop their own EI
  • Learn techniques for performance management
  • Understand and be able to implement the model for accelerated performance management
  • Understand what makes an effective influencer
  • Learn and implement the 5 easy steps to effective influencing
  • Identify different types of teams and understand which type of team you are

Operational Management Overview

This is a two day course.

During the course delegates will be able to identify an individual’s personal motivators and implement the correct environment and support to enable their managers’ to achieve their full potential.

Operational Management includes the following elements;

  • What drives people to achieve?
  • Management versus Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence versus IQ
  • Performance Management (inc accelerated)
  • Influencing Skills
  • Assessment