Bespoke Programmes

Motiv8 Development are expert at providing tailor made learning and development programmes for companies and organisations which are specifically designed to reflect the company’s sector, positioning and culture.

Our in-depth needs analysis helps us to design a competency based framework (to include a company’s own values and behaviours) from which we develop a personalised learning and development programme, which is unique to your business. Key performance indicators are established to ensure the success of the development programme can be measured against actual results.

Our 5 step process is outlined below.


Motiv8 Pie Chart



The Learning Needs analysis is completed to ensure the business culture, values competencies and expected results are embedded within the training solution we produce.

Pre-assessment of participant current abilities are considered (where appropriate)

DESIGN An initial competency framework is produced, presented, discussed and agreed.  Amendments made where required.
DEVELOP Customised materials are produced and approved.
IMPLEMENT Delivery of the bespoke learning and development programme.

Learning transfer and business impact analysis.  Continuous improvement.

Post-assessment of participant current abilities, here appropriate