Products and Services

Assessment Centre Experience

The Assessment Centre Experience course provides an awareness of the contents and structure of an assessment centre. This will help to reduce potential uncertainty, fear and anxiety people may have towards assessment centres. This will help people to confidently prepare for assessment centres, placing themselves in the strongest possible position to take advantage of future career opportunities.

Bespoke Programmes

Motiv8 Development are expert at providing tailor made learning and development programmes for larger companies and organisations which are specifically designed to reflect the company’s sector, positioning and culture.
Our in-depth needs analysis helps us to design a competency based framework (to include a company’s own values and behaviours) from which we develop a personalised learning and development programme which is unique to your business and can clearly be measured against actual results.

Change and Advance

Change & Advance ensures those poised on the verge of organisational change who need to acknowledge, understand and embrace the changes confronting them are prepared for the future.
Change & Advance is prepared in 3 modules and designed according to the specific level of staff and is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Coach & Empower

Coach & Empower ensures that both aspiring and existing managers have the necessary skills to develop a structured coaching approach with their teams - resulting in a positive impact on productivity and improvements in service levels.
This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Development Centres

The Development Centre provides an independent, objectively assessed event based on work performance criteria, where individuals are encouraged to diagnose their development needs by participating in a series of exercises, ability tests and psychometric assessments. Detailed feedback from trained observers and assessors allow participants the opportunity to build on their strengths whilst updating their personal development plan to improve their development areas.

Leading Effective Teams

Leading Effective Teams ensures that both aspiring and existing managers have the necessary skills to build effective and productive teams. Participants will be able recognise and harness people’s preferred team roles as well as being able to identify and overcome barriers to communication.

Management Gym

The Motiv8 Development Management Gym is a one day, fast paced, high energy programme of short sessions based around a common theme. Responding to current issues and development opportunities, the gym is an expanding portfolio that currently includes topics such as Effective Communication and Presenteeism.


MAP is a management assessment tool which has been successfully used by over 15,000 managers in the UK and, over 150,000 worldwide.
MAP is the management assessment and development tool of choice because it is the only one that measures the competence of managers. It is not influenced or affected by any personal opinions or prior knowledge, making MAP truly objective.

Navigating Relationships

Navigating Relationships ensures that staff have the necessary skills to build rapport in the workplace to increase the effectiveness of communications - within their team - resulting in a positive impact on productivity and improvements in service levels.
This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Operational Management

Aimed at second line / senior managers, Operational Management ensures that participants can effectively manage an their managers and team’s performance. Participants will be provided with the tools and techniques of influencing their managers in a positive manner, thereby improving productivity and behaviour. Participants will practice the management tools provided in challenging situations throughout the course.

Powerhouse Manager

Powerhouse Manager ensures that aspiring and current managers have a range of management tools that can be used in the workplace to maximise productivity within their teams. This course provides managers with the opportunity to practise new tools in a safe environment and also enables the managers to reflect how these tools can be used with their teams back in the workplace. This course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership focuses specifically at strategic leadership, setting the vision for the company and gaining commitment and buy-in from their managers. It looks at how to gain results through others using visionary leadership. Participants will gain knowledge of differing styles of leadership so as to be able to adapt their own preferred style according to an individual’s capability and commitment.

360º Appraisal

º Appraisal is the only truly independent management appraisal system in the UK. When you use 360º Appraisal it rates the performance of your people by those who know something about them and their work. Each individual member of staff completes their own self-assessment which is compared against feedback from their colleagues, line manager, and reports. Customers can also be included if required. The feedback is usually delivered in a one to one meeting with a specifc action plan agreed. Additionally, there are profession specific 360 degree appraisals available, for example Lawyer 360º aimed specifically at lawyers. Other profession specific are being rolled out on an ongoing basis.